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Fond of fine French food and gourmet cooking? Looking for something made in France?

French jam-making company Maison Andrésy markets two “France” brands of traditional or modern recipes, made in France with traditional French artisanal methods and industrial expertise.



In 1952, Andrée, the mother, and her two sons Pierre and Albert began cooking fruit from the surrounding orchards in the Yvelines département to make delicious jams and local specialities for the Andrésy jam factory in Ile de France.

Now recognised by the region with the “TALENT d’ILE DE FRANCE” label, the Andrésy jam factory markets its legacy, French-made AND PIERAL brand.

The AND PIERAL brand perpetuates the French jam-making tradition with over 30 recipes for extra jams and specialities, cooked in a copper jam pan and preserved with cane sugar. It proudly bears the French colours on its red, white and blue labels, with the rooftops of Paris and the Eiffel Tower hand-drawn by an artist just for you!

« Offer to your customers an unforgettable tasting »

– Tasty and unique recipes

For your gourmet groceries, gift shops and hotels, AND PIERAL offers French-made jams with over 50% fruit content, marmalades, tea specialities and extra preserves.

Enjoy the strawberry and wild strawberry extra jam on bread, dip a slice of toast with Corsican clementine jam in your coffee, spoon some delicious bilberry jam or chestnut cream into your yogurts, spread milk jam on your tarts and crêpes or just treat yourself to a spoonful of apricot and flaked almond jam!

Les Petites Parisiennes Confiturières

– Les Petites Parisiennes Confiturières

Would you like to offer your customers the excellence of French fine food with recipes prepared using the same principles of French culinary art as the great chefs?

Maison Andrésy created the LES PETITES PARISIENNES CONFITURIERES brand because the women who oversee the cooking of our jams are the daughters and granddaughters of our jam-makers from yesteryear: they are perpetuating the jam tradition while bringing it up to date with the skills and expertise acquired while creating recipes for renowned chefs and the finest French brands.

LES PETITES PARISIENNES CONFITURIERES is a French brand that puts a new twist on our cultural heritage. It elegantly captures current trends in French fashion and design on its labels, and in French fine food with its novel, delicious recipes.

– “Producteur Artisan de Qualité”

Maison Andresy has been awarded the distinguished COLLEGE CULINAIRE DE FRANCE label reserved for artisans and producers of high-end French products for the great chefs. It has created recipes for you in the spirit of French-made fine food, using a secondary ingredient to enhance the flavours of the main fruit.

Discover the CLASSIQUES recipes, or how the acidity of redcurrant juice enhances the taste of the Senga strawberry, why the juice of the Japanese yuzu adds a fruity touch to sweet oranges, and how a few bits of peach can tone down the fresh acidity of apricot…

Under the LES PETITES PARISIENNES CONFITURIERES brand, you’ll also find luxury COLLECTOR flavours, delicious LOW-SUGAR recipes and innovative WELL-BEING products.

Les Petites Parisiennes

Tendance Made in France Collection Catalogue

Catalogue Offre Tendance Made in France

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