Andrésy à l’Ancienne

Our brand of extra and traditional jams

A range of homemade jams that carry the colours and flavours of French gastronomy

so appreciated by your customers!

Authentic home-made jam recipes,

cooked in a copper cauldron

in the pure French tradition.

Our brand Andrésy à l’Ancienne is first and foremost a taste of tradition: with timeless artisanal jam recipes to be enjoyed all year round!

Andrésy à l’Ancienne is all about the know-how of artisanal jams with the delicious flavours of yesteryear and “home-made” jams.

The recipes of our brand of artisanal jams

Andrésy à l’Ancienne

Andrésy Confitures - brand of artisanal jams of best french know how
Traditional "extra" jam recipes

Cooked in a cauldron, with cane sugar, with more than 50% of fruit used in the recipe for an incomparable richness of taste!

Andrésy Confitures - extra artisanal french jam recipes
Light jam recipes

All the flavour of the Andrésy À l’Ancienne recipes with 30% less sugar and still as much deliciousness and taste.

Complete your offer with our range of Andrésy Instants accompaniments: honeys, spreads, condiments, preserves, cheese preparations, chocolate, tea

A modernised design to promote excellence:

To celebrate 70 years of know-how, Maison Andrésy has modernised the design of its products, without changing the recipes that have made the brand’s ancestral success!

Learn more about cooking in a copper pot

« Offer your customers the excellence of French fine food »

– Larger packagings

Individual formats, traditional jars of jams or great conditionings?

LES CONFITURES À L’ANCIENNE includes various jar sizes : 28g, 46g, 125g for chutneys and cheese spreads, 260g, 275g and last but not least 850g and 1KG.

Teas and hot chocolates are available in individual bags and in bulk.

Choix des formats Andrésy Confitures
The Must-Haves

Strawberry, apricot, blueberry, citrus, raspberry, cherry, …

Our best-sellers. Recipes that have marked the history and taste buds of thousands of gourmets!

The Must-Haves

Gourmet and regressive recipes with a sweet childhood flavour, for the nostalgic: milk jam, chestnut cream, vanilla pear, apricots and flaked almonds, and many more!

The Unexpected

Astonishing as they are tasty, to be enjoyed urgently: green tomato, seedless raspberry, rose, tea speciality, and other recipes to discover, or rediscover!

The Light ones

All the flavour of Andrésy À l’Ancienne recipes with 30% less sugar for all your health-conscious and taste-conscious customers!