Why offering a chocolate spread for your 2021 Christmas offer will enchant your consumers?

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Mars 2020

When we manage a food brand, we often try to animate the sales thanks to the strong times of consumption and also to the trendy recipes of the year.

The spread has become a “must have” in consumers’ cupboards and a must-have in your spreads and jams ranges! Thanks to this recipe, which is popular with young and old alike, you can meet your customers’ gourmet expectations all year round!

So why offer it as a Christmas special recipe in addition to your usual ranges? What advantages does it bring to your gift boxes, advent calendars and other specific end-of-year offers?

Success of chocolate spreads : why do consumers like it so much?

It is said that the first hazelnut and chocolate spreads were born in the 16th century, in the Piedmont region, an Italian region renowned for its hazelnuts, with Gianduja breads, intended to be sliced and used for sandwiches. A big heat wave in 1949 forced the Italians to put their spread in jars, then to improve the smoothness of the recipe with cocoa butter… the legend was born!

Why such a success for the chocolate hazelnut spread with all the ages?

  • For the greediness of this recipe: the marriage of chocolate, milk and hazelnuts is a delicacy easily appreciated by children and adults alike. Today, recipes are evolving and include other ingredients to satisfy all palates: chocolate pancakes, cinnamon cookie like speculos, pistachio paste and white chocolate, etc. Creativity is infinite!
  • for conviviality: the spread can be consumed during cocooning moments, pancake parties, on waffles in the street, in doughnuts at the beach, in sweet sandwiches on picnics, etc.
  • For multiple consumption moments: breakfast, snack, dessert, cake filling, snacking. Artisans, chefs and restaurateurs use it as an ingredient to modernize dessert recipes from all culinary cultures: eclairs, tiramisus, muffins, cheesecake, crumbles, ice cream, fondues, mug cakes, etc.
Fraises fruits andrésy confitures

What are the most important criteria consumers look for in their chocolate spreads?

The expectations of your consumers regarding spreads are varied.

Taste is of course privileged as well as more committed criteria: the naturalness of the ingredients, nutrition, eco-engagement (for more details read our blog)

Did you imagine that creativity could also be an important criterion that brings greediness?

If the chocolate hazelnut spread remains an essential base, the consumers also like to vary the pleasures, especially at the time of consumption gifts like Christmas and the end of the year!
At Andrésy Confitures, our R&D team is not only expert in sourcing and recipe, it is also greedy! We have tested recipes for spreads that are ideal to animate sales with gift boxes, advent calendars and one shot recipes for the end of the year: chocolate coconut, dark chocolate orange, pistachio, almond, clementine chocolate…

Are you interested in this for your brand or your store? Ask for a taste!

Why choose Andrésy Confitures to make your Christmas spread recipe?

You say to yourself that you cannot miss this request of your customers for Christmas and that you need an original spread in your end of year offer?

Here are a few points to watch out for when choosing your spread manufacturer for your event or back of shelf offer:

  • respecting your requirements: putting together a set of specifications of all your requirements (or your customers’ expectations) can be an asset for your spread production. Communicated to the R&D, quality and production departments, it will allow you to validate that your manufacturer is able to respect your customers’ expectations throughout the process: from the sourcing of your ingredients to the spread!
  • Food safety: having your product manufactured under your brand requires absolute confidence in the respect of food safety points for the consumer. It is crucial to make sure that you respect the traceability of ingredients, the hygiene conditions of production, and the monitoring of foreign bodies or product alterations.
  • the appropriate tools and know-how: making a spread requires specific expertise and tools to guarantee the regularity of one production after another, the stability of the recipes over time, for example.

You understood it: who better than Andrésy Confitures, specialist of the made-to-measure for more than 70 years, could secure you on these criteria?

Add to that the great variety of choices of customization of ingredients, recipes, and packaging that we offer you and you will understand why we are the ideal partner for your projects of animation of ranges: spreads or jams!

You want to launch your Christmas recipe, gift box or advent calendar project?

Entrust us with your project!

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