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February 2020

In 2019, the French declared to have consumed 71% organic at least once a month and 14% every day. The demand for organic products and confidence in the AB label is growing every year!

For its part, the chocolate hazelnut spread has become a worldwide passion!

Did you know that every second, 9.5 kg of a (famous!) brand of chocolate spread is consumed around the world! You can find hazelnut spread in unusual dessert preparations such as on pizza or in egg rolls!

The classic chocolate-hazelnut recipe is available in many variations: coconut, pistachio, sparkling, lace pancakes, speculoos, etc.

In front of such a craze of the consumers, we understand that many brands wish to propose to their customers an organic spread.

How to choose your recipes and your organic spread manufacturer ?

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How to choose your organic spread manufacturer?

You say to yourself that you can’t pass by this demand of your customers and that you need an organic spread in your range?

Here are some points of vigilance to choose your manufacturer of organic chocolate hazelnut spread:

  • the respect of your requirements: setting up a specification of all your requirements (or your customers’ expectations) can be an asset for your spread production. Communicated to the R&D, quality and production departments, it will allow you to validate that your manufacturer is able to meet your customers’ expectations throughout the process: from the sourcing of your ingredients to the spread!
  • Food safety: having your products manufactured under your brand name requires absolute confidence in the respect of the consumer’s food safety points. It is crucial to make sure you respect the traceability of ingredients, the hygiene conditions of the productions, the monitoring of foreign bodies or product alterations.
  • the adapted tools and know-how: a spread production requires specific expertise and tools to guarantee the regularity of one production after another, the stability of recipes over time, for example.

How to take into account the major expectations of consumers to make a successful organic spread?

It is not because the chocolate hazelnut spread is highly appreciated and sought-after that sales success is easy! Today’s consumers are informed and demanding.

Here are the major criteria triggering purchases and our advice to take them into account :

  • the greediness of the recipe: of course the recipe must be attractive, classic or original but always greedy. Consumers buy an organic spread first of all to please themselves and its taste remains the major criterion!
  • The naturalness of the ingredients: forget preservatives and other stabilizers! Consumers want a simple recipe, with few but qualitative and natural ingredients. This is also why the ORGANIC label reassures: it has become a guarantee of absence of harmful substances and environmentally friendly cultivation and production practices.
  • Nutrition: certainly a spread is rarely light in sugars and fat! Yet consumers are increasingly looking at labels, nutritional scores, and comparing! An understandable and short list of ingredients is an asset.
  • Eco-commitment: the palm oil scandal has left its mark. Even if the most famous brand of chocolate hazelnut spread defends palm oil by carrying out ecological actions to make its culture more respectful, most buyers pay attention to alternative ingredients.
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Top 10 reasons why you won’t find a better organic spread manufacturer than Andrésy Confitures!

Expert in the manufacturing of jams and fruit preparations for more than 70 years, Andrésy Confitures has also been making chocolate hazelnut spreads for its hotel, restaurant and catering customers for several years.

Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we offer you a TOP 10 of the reasons why you can entrust us with your organic chocolate spread project:

1. Our AB / ORGANIC / FDA certification: the basis for organic production of course!

We are certified ORGANIC by Ecocert and also have specific validations for your international markets.

2. Our selection Producer and Artisan of quality: an expertise of the taste validated by the most demanding palates of France!

We are proud to work with some of the finest brands, establishments and chefs in French cuisine since 1952. That’s why the Collège Culinaire de France is proud to recognize the gustative quality of our recipes.

3. The creativity of our R&D department: invent or optimize!

To develop your ideas or invent, the creativity and experience of our R&D team are precious assets for the creation of your recipes.

4. Our sourcing expertise: finding the ingredients you need!

To find the organic ingredients for your spread recipe, our R&D department knows which producer or cooperative to contact, which quality criteria to validate and how to validate the quantities you will need.

5. Our eco-responsible commitment: 0% palm oil!

We bring our CSR commitments to life in our choice of recipe creations. This is why we will not offer you any palm oil-based spread recipes!

6. The respect of know-how: the quality of craftsmanship!

We respect and value the artisanal gestures which bring a strong qualitative or gustative added value to your recipes. This is why we have the distinction “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company), awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture to craftsmen who perpetuate and promote French traditions.

7. Reliable and adaptable tools: the performance of the industry!

Once the hand of man is no longer directly required, our flexible and high-performance tools adapt to your needs and bring reactivity and performance.

8. Our IFS FOOD certification: a guarantee of food safety for your brand and your consumers!

This food certification is very demanding and validates that all the criteria of traceability, production safety, follow-up of each act is rigorously mastered, controlled, recorded.

9. Expert support throughout your organic spread project

When you make a request to our sales department, it is in fact your entire workshop that is dedicated to your project! Our sales experts master your market requirements, actively listen to your needs and mobilize the R&D, quality, purchasing, production, and logistics departments.

10. The mastery of custom work: we like to make your creation simple and easy!

Custom work is part of our DNA. In addition to helping you in the sourcing, creation and production of your recipes, we organize the supply of your packaging, buy and store it for you.

Well, what could be better than excellence at the service of your organic spread, for a consumer who wants more!

Take advantage of our expertise and creativity: guaranteed delicacy!

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