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February 2022

You are a manager of mountain hotels, bed and breakfasts or grocery stores and you are looking for the ideal breakfast for your customers?

Whether mountains you are in, Maison Andrésy can help you prepare a delicious and excellent breakfast for your hotels and grocery stores at high altitude.

Discover in this article how Maison Andrésy adapts perfectly to your needs, even in the mountains!

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

What does Maison Andrésy’s know-how in jams bring to your mountain hotels?


Maison Andrésy has been making jams and confectionery since 1952 !

Based in Maurecourt, France, Maison Andrésy offers you products recognized in the gastronomy and hotel industry thanks to its know-how.

But how does this ancestral know-how translate into the jams for your beautiful mountain hotels ?

  • To guarantee the best jams to our customers, we make very demanding choices on the fruits. Each fruit entering Maison Andrésy is controlled to respect a very precise specification: color, cleanliness, maturity, variety, origin… Nothing is left to chance for our customers!
  • Another guarantee of excellence: cooking! Cooking is another crucial step in the artisanal production of jam. Since 1952, Maison Andrésy has distinguished itself by its steam cooking in a copper basin, which has many advantages: the use of copper, the shape of the basin… To learn more about the manufacturing process in a copper basin, you can read our blog article on the subject.
  • Last point of vigilance of Maison Andrésy: the potting! Controlled by sight, touch and taste, the different jars of Maison Andrésy jams (1kg, 270g and 28g) are filled with the jam while still hot! The delicate step of labeling is also done at this time.


Thanks to Maison Andrésy and its search for excellence and its demand for quality, you can offer your customers real artisanal and high quality jams with your eyes closed!

Mountain hotels do not mean hotels that ignore gastronomic trends: Maison Andrésy always offers you adapted jams!


Maison Andrésy regularly innovates its recipes to adapt to trends and offer you new combinations of fruits and flavors sought after by consumers.

A new fruit, a new selection box, a new recipe… you will inevitably find the happiness of your customers in our high quality jams.

Our R&D department is constantly looking for innovations in jams, that’s what makes our fast adaptability to the market! Take advantage of it by choosing the jams Maison Andrésy.


Confiture Andrésy Origines Myrtilles

What are the jams to be preferred for your mountain hotels?


What are the favorite jams of your customers for the vacations, they who came to the mountain to recharge their batteries?

  • The blueberry jam is a must for the mountain par excellence
  • Strawberry jam is a classic appreciated by young and old alike
  • Apricot jam is the orange touch for your table, whether for breakfast or even a snack. There’s nothing like a slice of bread with jam to regain your strength after the day’s excitement.
  • The inevitable citrus fruits: energizing in the morning, their gustatory notes are perfectly associated with tea and coffee


All the jams of Maison Andrésy are, of course, available in several formats for your different needs
– 1kg jar to reduce the packaging of your breakfast!
– 270g jar, ideal for grocery stores!
– 28g jar, ideal for room service or buffet!


But let’s not forget the salty condiments of Maison Andrésy for the amateurs of salty breakfast:

  • Fine Dijon or grainy mustards
  • Mayonnaise in French recipe, traditional and tasty
  • Ketchup, so appreciated by children and adults


You can find all our Maison Andrésy jams catalogs here: download all our catalogs.

Confiture Andrésy Origines Myrtilles


You are in the middle of the season, very busy? Our ordering system adapts to your particular needs


At Maison Andrésy, customer service is essential.
In order to meet your work and organizational constraints, our ordering system can be adapted.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs:

– Online, on the KIMAYO application in 3 clicks, on your smartphone, your tablet and even your computer! You can discover how by clicking here.
– With one of our sales experts:

By phone at +33 (0)1 39 75 14 55

Or by e-mail at the following address: 


You can also submit a contact request to be called back on this page. We are listening to you!


Ordering our products is quick and easy for your mountain hotels and grocery stores!

Strawberry jam: an untouchable must-have or a source of inspiration?

Strawberry jam: an untouchable must-have or a source of inspiration?

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