Everything for local shops in a few clicks: our jams, honeys, compotes and condiments are available online for professionals!

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July 2021

This summer sees the return of customers and tourists to the shops, and everyone is delighted!

Do you run a local shop? You certainly need good products, made in France, to satisfy your customers’ expectations during the summer season.

However, with the busy season, you need to devote yourself 100% to your customers and you don’t want to waste time unnecessarily?

Ordering simply and relying on the efficiency and reliability of your suppliers is easy thanks to Andrésy Confitures’ online ordering service!

Find out how your jam maker meets your needs for your orders of artisanal jams, compotes, honeys and condiments!

What recipes for homemade jams, compotes, honeys and condiments can you find on our online ordering service?

On holiday, you can better enjoy the pleasures of a good breakfast or a gourmet snack!

Your customers come to your shops looking for the authenticity and quality of the local producer.

Did you know that our Les Confitures à l’Ancienne range offers you recipes and formats perfectly adapted to these needs?

more than 15 recipes of artisanal jams: cooked in a copper cauldron, in the old-fashioned way, with cane sugar and the best fruits chosen from the best regions, in grocery shop format or in individual format

Quality honeys: liquid, creamy or with character. Our honeys and maple syrup are perfect for all uses: to sweeten hot drinks naturally, for gourmet sandwiches or delicious waffles and pancakes

Old-fashioned compotes: did you know that we cook our compotes “like a housewife”? We choose tasty, ripe fruit and cook large pieces in a copper pan with cane sugar. You will return the pieces and the authenticity of each of our fruits in our compotes in individual format!

Condiments: some people prefer salty! This is why we have chosen French mustards, an authentic tasting ketchup and a French-style mayonnaise, in individual jars to avoid waste.

Old-fashioned teas and chocolate: to complete your offer with traditional and delicious hot drinks!

Discover the whole Les Confitures à l’Ancienne brand before choosing online ? Download the catalogue.

Why order online this summer for your homemade jams, compotes, honeys and condiments?

What do you get out of creating an account to order online rather than by phone or email? 

– the freedom to order when it suits you, not when we are open!

– more reactivity: our online service is available 24/7, without the delays due to order confirmation or the holidays of your contact person

more accessibility: you look at your shelves or your stock and you see that you need our home-made jams? Order directly from where you are

the choice of the medium that suits you best: you can order with your smartphone, your tablet, your PC or your Mac

– the whole range of products offered by your jam maker Andrésy Confitures in 3 clicks: our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne and also Andrésy Origines

– customisation: your usual product pricing is pre-registered

Not yet convinced to use the online ordering service for its convenience and simplicity?

Even after you have placed your order, we make your life easier:

you can continue to follow the delivery in real time

and even take delivery by scanning the barcode on the delivery note with your smartphone

How to order your homemade jam and all your other recipes in a few clicks?

To take advantage of all these benefits, it’s simple and we give you the method: 

Download the KIMAYO application on your smartphone available on Google Play or App Store

Or click on the following link on your PC or Mac: https://app.kimayo.com/signup?vendor=andresy 

Create your account by filling in the required fields on the Andrésy Confitures page 

It’s quick and easy!

Of course, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.

All you have to do now is place your order of artisanal jams online!

You don’t want to create your own account?

We do it for you! 

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