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September 2018

Andrésy offers original jams made in France under the brand name Les Petites Parisiennes Confiturières. The recipes are developed in the Ile-de-France region, drawing on French artisan and industrial expertise. Andrésy is continuously innovating to produce new and unusual ranges to cater for all tastes.

Les Petites Parisiennes Confiturières by Andrésy

The brand elegantly epitomises current design trends with its visual identity, reflects French gastronomy with its unique modern recipes, and perpetuates the traditions of this timeless indulgence. Les Petites Parisiennes are available in individual 28g glass jars for the hotel trade and are also retailed in convenience stores in 280g jars.

Les Petites Parisiennes Confiturières come in traditional strawberry, apricot and raspberry flavours, which have been revisited to make them extra special. Andrésy also offers a number of other jam recipes, which are original, indulgent, novel and ultra-contemporary.

«A brand which brings a modern twist to the French cultural heritage »

A variety of original jams

Andrésy Confitures has drawn its inspiration from top chefs to develop recipes made in France, which bring an extra special touch to their main fruit with an additional second natural ingredient.

Strawberries are intrinsically very sweet, but their flavour is not to everyone’s taste. Andrésy therefore adds a very carefully calibrated dose of redcurrant juice to introduce a hint of acidity. The brand’s other recipes have also been developed in the same way: peach or mango to sweeten apricots, passion fruit to complement raspberry, and very fruity Japanese yuzu, which is extremely popular with orange lovers, to bring new depth to oranges.

But Andrésy has much more to offer in the form of original jams with additional special flavour pairings such as blackcurrant and violet, reminiscent of old-fashioned boiled sweets. You can also enjoy the French green tomato jam recipe from Les Petites Parisiennes, which keeps alive the age-old housewives’ tradition of making preserves with unripe tomatoes at the end of the harvest.

Corsican growers supply us with extra-special clementines for our premium products, which taste so good that no additional ingredient is required. The family business cooks them into an exquisite French clementine jam, which does full justice to this superlative fruit.

Healthy, trendy recipes

In addition to its contemporary range, Andrésy is introducing new well-being and organic innovations.

The brand is offering novel recipes, which combine fruit with superfoods such as acerola, flax seeds, and quinoa, to name but a few. Chefs and dieticians alike are becoming better informed about these healthy products used in some medicines.

In the Well-Being collection, Les Petites Parisiennes combine these beneficial ingredients with delicious organic fruits to make reduced-sugar products to serve as bowl toppings or with yoghurt, etc. Now you can reap the benefits of goji berries in your strawberry jam. Since well-being and indulgence can actually be a perfect pairing, why not introduce your customers to other subtle blends: mango-pomegranate juice, peach-yuzu-chia seeds, or pear-matcha tea.

Andrésy has also developed a lighter range with 30% less sugar for guilt-free indulgence. This healthy collection comprises original jams in blends of apricot and mango, mandarin and passion fruit juice, and peach and raspberry.

Les Petites Parisiennes travel the world

Andrésy offers different ranges to suit every need and to reflect all current trends. In addition to its original jams, the company stands out from the crowd with its distinctive collection of onion, ginger and fig chutneys, and a range of fruit desserts (reduced-sugar compotes) made from apple, apple and quince, and apple and pear.

Les Petites Parisiennes will introduce you to a wide and sophisticated range of original high-quality jams to meet both your own stringent expectations and those of your customers.

Andrésy Confitures continues to develop its brand by looking beyond France and embracing the concept of fusion food prepared by French chefs who combine several culinary cultures. This approach has provided the inspiration for the latest Voyage des Petites Parisiennes recipes from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Madagascar.

This brand is a delicious way to enjoy premium French gastronomy and to offer that experience to your customers with recipes developed using French gourmet cuisine expertise enhanced by quintessentially Gallic design flair.

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