Andrésy Confitures Prestige Offer

Maison Andresy has created an authentic range of jams to meet the particular needs of the greatest french and international hotels and restaurants.

Andresy Origines was developed in accordance with the french culinary tradition. The jams are baked in copper cauldrons using a small amount of fruits to preserve the quality of the product. This wide range does not only offer traditional flavours but also creative recipes.

The fruits that are used for our Andresy Origines recipes are selected with the utmost care on the best european and french terroirs. They are selected in compliance with strict quality requirements : at optimum maturity, for their taste, their organoleptic properties and reaction to the baking, their variety.

Hence you will be able to serve your customers an extra jam, rich in fruits, with a soft and spreadable texture, that complies with the applicable standards.

Confitures Andrésy Origines - Sélection

-Individual portions for hotels

Offer high quality breakfasts, tea times and a sophisticated room service.

You will treat your customers with a great tasting experience : extra jam with selected fruits, honeys, mapple syrup, chocolate spread, mustards, ketchup, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise and much more to taste !

Prestige Collection Catalogue

Guide d'achat Offres Andrésy Origines et Andrésy Gourmet
« Treat your customers with a great tasting experience  »

– Buffet and grocery store formats

For over more than 60 years, Maison Andresy has been able to enhance the natural flavour of the fruits.

Our Andresy Gourmet range combines a fruit with a 100% natural juice or another fruit to exalt its taste and offer you incomparable jams.

Gamme Andrésy Gourmet
Hôtel Burj-al-arab - Dubaï

– Prestigious references

We have been working with great chefs, luxury hotels, the finest starred restaurants, premium hotels in France and in the world.

Our Andresy Origines range of products is tailored to the need of the food service and catering sector (room service in 4 and 5 stars hotels, palaces, yachts, luxury cruise lines, airline and train catering).

Andresy Cuisine: condiments

Les condiments Andrésy Cuisine

French Mustards and mayonnaise, ketchup and barbecue sauce : offer a tasty and refined  room service to your customer without any waste.

Andresy Gourmet
Gamme Andrésy Gourmet

Andresy Gourmet is the result of many years of working and developing flavours and recipes with french chefs.

This range enhances the taste of the major fruits !

Andrésy Origines

Les recettes Andrésy Origines

The jams are baked according to french traditional recipes and tailored to the market needs. In this way it offers authentic flavours : an intense taste of fruit and less sugar.

More than 15 fruits are available in our range for breakfasts that will meet your highest expectations : apricots from Roussillon, Senga strawberry, Ile de France red fruits, Corsican clementine, fig from Provence and many more…

Andrésy Nature

Les saveurs Andrésy Nature

Andresy Nature is  offering you a generous overview of what nature can bring us.

Acacia honey, flower honey, whipped honey, mapple syrup or chocolate spread :  these delicacies are indispensable for your breakfasts to sweeten your hot drinks, embellish your pancakes or simply getting in with a spoon !


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