What if Made In France excellence was the result of the combination of artisanal and industrial methods?

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February 2020

What is behind what is called Made in France?

Stricto sensu: Made in France is a manufacturing origin that companies can affix on their products if they are really made in France.

In the imagination of international consumers, Made In France covers a much broader reality. The notion of know-how is emphasized, as well as quality and elegance “à la française”, the reputation of gastronomy and great chefs. The famous “French touch”, a little something that differentiates and enhances!

Much more than just a reputation, Made in France is a guarantee of value in the minds of buyers.

And if today the success of the production of jam made in France was linked to the meeting of 2 worlds: craftsmanship and industry?

What is the Made in France craft?

Here is the strict definition of craftsmanship according to the French state : transformation of products thanks to a particular know-how. The craftsman ensures all the stages: from the transformation to the marketing of his product.

The use of the word “craftsmanship” is linked to manual manufacturing, an authentic production process.

For the production of jam therefore we could conclude that the assets of a production of artisanal jam and made in France would be: the respect of artisanal gestures and know-how related to human gestures.

What do industrial tools bring moreover to the production of jam ?

The human hand brings know-how and also variations and defects. It is moreover valued in the craft industry because it makes each product unique.

In order to guarantee efficiency, performance and ensure volumes, machines can perfectly find their place in the production chain and assist man in his activity.
The use of industrial tools or techniques allows to go on larger volumes with an interesting reliability. All this results in an important quality-price ratio for the consumer who today wants to have access to good products without going broke!

Fermeture du pot de confiture

How does Andrésy Confitures associate craftsmanship and industry for excellence made in France?

Andrésy Confitures has chosen to keep the best of craftsmanship combined with the efficiency of industrial tools. You thus have access to the best of both worlds.

On the craft side, the man remains a real added value in our jam factory thanks to our unique experience:

  • by the selection and sorting of the fruits: sometimes nothing can replace human experience.
  • By the preparation of the fruits: whole or in pieces, mixed, the know-how acquired over the years remains essential.
  • By adapting the recipes to each harvest: each year the fruits are different because they have received different weather conditions. Only human expertise knows how to make the most of it!
  • By mastering the cooking process: the fruits remain natural ingredients, which vary and therefore the craftsman’s intelligence of reaction is important for successful cooking.

On the industrial side, thanks to its technological innovations and expertise, Andresy Confitures is able to ensure the regularity of its production and to ensure the necessary volumes for your market:

small, medium or larger quantities…anything is possible!

Moreover it is interesting to know that industrial machines facilitate the work of our collaborators and protect them from risky tasks or hard work.

Coffret Andrésy Origines

Marriage of craftsmanship and industry: quality for your production of jam made in France!

At Andrésy, you have understood it, keeping human know-how when the hand of man brings an added value is essential. On the contrary, using the performance of tools to improve the process is an obvious choice!

For your the production of jam, this gives :

  • Extra” recipes with 50 to 65% fruit for fruit preparations
  • Products that keep their natural aspects: real pieces of fruit, color, flavors, etc…
  • Spreadable textures, neither too liquid nor too hard
  • A controlled and secure, high-performance jarring process
  • Regular product labelling, perfectly finished
  • The weight of the carton and pallet packaging delegated to robots not to humans.

It’s obvious: this ingenious mix between artisanal gestures and industrial tools allows us today to ensure the success of made in france at home and abroad, by offering you the best of both worlds.

Quality of craftsmanship and performance of industry: you no longer have to choose!

You want to work your recipes in a traditional way but keep the performance of the industry to offer a delicious product, reliable and good value for money?

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