3 Maison Andrésy’s recipe ideas to import brunch !

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June 2022

The brunch is THE new trendy meal which becomes a real desire of your customers!
You can offer several dishes: pancakes, waffles, crêpes, dairy products, yoghurts with homemade jam, hot drinks and fruit juice, toast, açai bowl

Brunch is back in force since the reopening of restaurants and hotels. Gourmet restaurants are also starting to offer trendy brunches.

Brunch appears to be the new weekly meeting place for many French people, so much so that specialized establishments are opening, offering brunch over a wider range of hours!

Are you hesitating to take the plunge and offer it on your menu?
You need more recipe ideas to import brunch?

Don’t hesitate with these 3 brunch recipe ideas from Maison Andrésy.

Cerises pour Andrésy Confitures

Importing brunch with homemade jam topped on pastries 


Pancakes are the reference sweet for brunch! Easy to eat and very tasty, they are appreciated by all. English speakers and other international clients are very fond of them for brunch!

Pancakes from Great Britain, pana cotta, dairy products… are very appreciated by international customers with homemade jam as a topping to sublimate the whole thing!

You can have fun with these sweets to import the brunch thanks to Maison Andrésy artisanal jams. They are all gourmet:
– Strawberry jam
– Cherry jam
– Apricot Jam
– Peach jam
– But also the spread and the maple syrup! Available in an exceptional size of 28g, you can find them by downloading our catalogs!

Cheesecake with a homemade jam coulis: importing brunch to the international market


For your English-speaking customers, the cheesecake is a classic pastry but a must!


Also highly appreciated by your French-speaking customers, you’d be surprised at its success!
In the land of cheese, a cheesecake is an obvious choice.

But cheese can sometimes be too strong for some palates.
That is why the greatest pastry chefs traditionally add a raspberry or red currant coulis to the cake… red fruits in general, to soften the cheese!


So why not you?

Maison Andrésy’s know-how allows you to offer a made-to-measure jam !
Offer your customers the coulis that will perfectly match YOUR cheesecake recipe.
You will need:
– A mix of 4 red fruits (cherry, strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant) like our homemade jams?
– Or a daring combination of strawberry and raspberry?


Maison Andrésy can create for you, thanks to 3 generations of family know-how, your custom-made jam for your brunch or dessert cheesecake!
Contact our experts to learn more.

Fraises dans bassine de cuivre - Andrésy Confitures

Importing the French brunch: toast with homemade jam


Since World War II, the typical French breakfast is composed of bread with butter and jam.

So for all your customers in France or abroad, offering them toast with homemade jam is to offer them a tasty tradition!

For the brunch buffet or in room service, the individual jam in mini jars has multiple advantages!

The benefits for the customer are very concrete and immediately visible for his greatest satisfaction:
– The hygiene guaranteed by the individual jar: the homemade jam is protected and preserved in an optimal way, only the customer opens his jar for his sandwich and dips his spoon in it
– The preserved quality of the jam: the tastes, smells and textures are preserved
– The choice:  you can propose a large variety of jam flavors on a room-service tray or on the brunch buffet
– The respect of its ecological values: the glass of the mini jam jar is infinitely recyclable!

Moutarde et condiments - Andrésy Cuisine

Importing brunch: mixing sweet and savory!

Brunch is the meal par excellence that mixes the sweetness of breakfast and the saltiness of lunch.

For your demanding customers, it is the moment to taste everything!

You can include in your brunch offer :
– Cheese and jam arrangements: to bring out all the flavors of the cheeses, jam is often used. To learn more about Maison Andrésy’s cheese jam arrangements, click here.
– Appetizers: like foie gras with fig jam for premium tastings!
– Savory condiments: Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Dijon Mustard for those who like their food salty in the morning.
– Natural delicacies with honeys available in an exceptional 28g format.
– And other sweet and savory recipes according to your desires in the kitchen!

To import the brunch to the International,
Maison Andrésy has all the delicacies at your disposal.
Contact our experts to order!