Prepare your brand of jams to succeed in the sales highlights of 2021 thanks to the production of private label jam!

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January 2020

You are demanding for your brand of jam because your customers are more and more demanding themselves! This is partly why you have chosen to delegate the production of your jam to a professional, expert in his field: to offer the best throughout the year.

Did you know that you can anticipate the occasional and festive needs of your customers by preparing one (or more!) Special artisanal jam making?

How can you prepare 2021 well and animate your sales to better respond to peak consumption times?

Miel - Saveurs Andrésy Nature

Why animate the sales of your brand of jams?

The sales of your brand of jams are not linear. The year can be punctuated by a periodicity of recipes or fruits more in demand in season. Depending on your field, it is also punctuated by sales highlights such as: the end of year celebrations, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s or Grandmother’s Day, sporting or cultural events (are you ready for them? Olympics Paris 2024?), Back to school, etc.

These special occasions are a source of additional pleasure or impulse purchases for your customers. They are looking for different fragrances, related to the event, for themselves or as a gift.

Is your brand of jams meeting these needs or are you missing out on opportunities to satisfy your customers?

Christmas marmalade and jam avent calendar by Andresy Confitures

How to animate the sales highlights of your brand of jam with a one-shot recipe?

You may think that launching a special home-made jam making for a unique event is too complicated and time-consuming. Not if you work with the expert in custom jam making!

At Andrésy Confitures we have been making custom jams for our clients since our creation. Listening to your needs, translating them into manufacturing order, and the adaptability of our processes and tools is in our DNA!

To create a ” one shot ” recipe for your sales, 3 possible starting points:

  • you have a precise idea: you know which original recipe you want, you have decided under which jar and with which special label to present it. Give us your briefing and we will carry out your project, from the sourcing of the ingredients to its conformity to the legislation, its production and of course the search for a taste that meets your requirements. We work with you on retroplanning so that everything is efficient and under control!

  • You have a need for an occasion but no idea of a recipe: you want to enliven your range for a specific occasion but you don’t know which recipe you want or which fruit. Your sales contact is trained to listen actively and will know how to collect your animation needs. Then he will pass the baton to our R&D department who will suggest various recipe ideas. The R&D team will even give you a taste test! Once you have validated a recipe (and a budget!) the quality and production teams will start the manufacturing of your event jam.

  • You want to liven up your range without any idea of occasion or recipe: thanks to our experience of more than 70 years on the high-end jam market, we can advise and guide you. We know how to propose animations, occasions, recipes that will please your customers and bring value to your brand of jams.
Coffret Andrésy Origines

The gift boxes: a manufacture of artisanal jam adapted to several occasions.

If you don’t need an original “one shot” recipe for an event of the year, maybe you want to meet a different expectation of your customers: a gift to offer.

If your customers like your brand of jams, they certainly want to share it with their relatives or friends. Do you have a format to offer?

Gift boxes in mini jars are very popular:

  • to make people taste several recipes: classic jam flavors, or on the contrary only original flavors, yellow or red fruit mixes, etc.
  • to highlight an element that corresponds to your brand: a feeling, a color, a flavor, an ingredient, etc. with recipes that look like you
  • For a tasting occasion: recipes for cheeses, confits for parties, breakfast “kit” with honey jams and spreads, savory recipes such as condiments, Advent calendar, etc…

We master the manufacture of home-made jams, compotes and fruit jellies in small sizes for your gift boxes. We also have in our catalog recipes of French-style condiments: mustards, ketchup, mayonnaise. From 28g to 115g, we can offer you various sizes and jar shapes. We know quality cardboard makers and printers to make elegant and neat boxes.

Whatever your need or your creative desire, we have the expertise, the experience and the network to make it a success !

Ask for a study for a handmade jam making to prepare the sales highlights of your brand of jams and be ready for 2021!

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