Sourcing the ideal fruits and proposing “nutritional” recipes: a unique talent of Andrésy Confitures at the service of your imports of jams made in France which is expressed through the collections

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April 2020

The jam is a tradition in the temperate countries of several continents which allows to preserve fruits thanks to sugar. That is why it is anchored in the spirits that the manufacture of artisanal jam is made with fruits known as “end of market”: unsold or surplus harvests not sold. Many family anti-waste practices support this theory: using overripe or damaged fruit to make jam, the end of fruit baskets or garden surplus eaten by insects.

But one has more requirements for one’s artisanal jam maker than for the family creation!

Do you know how an expert jam maker since 1952 sources and selects his fruit? Why and how do we reserve the best of the harvest? How does the choice of fruit affect the nutritional aspects of your jams?

Secrets of fruit selection for jam revealed by your French jam maker!

With which fruits do we make the best jams?

It is true that multiple criteria can count to choose the best fruits for jam. Moreover, the family practice of preserving fruits that spoil instead of losing them is quite legitimate!

As a French manufacturer of high quality artisanal jams, we are proud that our products are chosen by famous chefs and are found on the most beautiful tables in France, Europe, the Middle East or Asia!

Here is our most important advice for the choice of fruits for jam: a tasty fresh fruit, even an excellent one, is not necessarily the best for jam!

The ideal fruits for jam are those that do not lose their taste, smell or texture quality during the sugar jamming process.

Some varieties of fruit are not suitable for making homemade jam while others will require special preparation.
Let’s take for example the Burgundy blackcurrant: the most represented variety in Burgundy has ideal gustatory and organoleptic characteristics for the realization of a quality blackcurrant jam. On the other hand, the skin of this blackcurrant is too hard, it does not yield to cooking and does not allow an optimal confisage of the fruit with sugar. If you still want to use this variety, you should prepare it by cutting the blackcurrants before cooking to break the skin.

Didn’t you know that?

It’s normal: being the expert in sourcing fruit for jam doesn’t happen overnight!

private label jams strawberry

How do we source the right fruits for the production of our artisanal jams?

For more than 70 years, our credo has been: “Choose the best fruits from the best soils”, as Gérard Cassan, director of the French family-owned company from 1975 to 2016, likes to say. This means that sourcing the best fruits is in the DNA of your made in France jam manufacturer!

How do we do it today?

We carefully maintain historical partnerships with fruit brokers and arboriculturists.

Over the years, our partners know the requirements of the French jam industry and the specifications that define the criteria for choosing fruit:

  • first of all the taste: to make our artisanal jams we look for the characteristic taste of the ripe fruit
  • then fruits adapted to the jam: of grade B, that is to say little damaged, with colors which correspond well to the variety
  • Moreover the R&D team of Andrésy Confitures pays attention to eco-responsible criteria for good conditions of growth and the respect of the biodiversity: with cultures reduced in pesticides, reasoned or organic.
private label jams strawberry

Which fruit sourcing for our gastronomic brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ?

Our brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne is one of our historical brands, very appreciated by delicatessens and local shops as well as by 3 and 4* hotels.

It was built with the wire of the experiments, the needs and the control of more and more our know-how, with fruits chosen for their qualities in traditional recipes of jam.

Interested in our gastronomic brand Les Confitures à l’Ancienne ? Download the catalog here and discover all the fruits chosen for this traditional range.

What fruit sourcing for our prestige brand Andrésy Origines?

Do you know our prestige brand Andrésy Origines?

Created to meet the requirements of 5* hotels and palaces all over the world, Andrésy Origines offers fruit varieties and origins selected for their outstanding taste characteristics.

  • regional fruits
  • Fruits typical of a country
  • varieties that are remarkable in terms of taste

To highlight these exceptional fruits, Andrésy Origines recipes develop a fruit and sugar balance perfectly adapted to the requirements of consumers who are looking for good, healthy and nutritionally sound products.

Would you like to know more about some of Andrésy Origines’ spring fruit recipes? Read your blog on cherry, raspberry and rhubarb jams.

Want to know all the fruits selected for the prestige range? Download the catalog here.

What “nutritional” recipes can you develop in your private label thanks to our fruit sourcing?

In addition to being a recognized French artisanal jam manufacturer, we regularly innovate with new recipes.

We work a lot on the “nutrition” axis :

  • wellness” recipes with super foods
  • healthy” recipes 100% made with fruits
  • recipes with birch sugar, less caloric than traditional sugar
  • recipes with fiber, in nutri-score B, unique

Each of these “nutritional” innovations has monopolized our expertise in sourcing so that the taste remains their major quality!

Would you like to order the recipes of one of our brands for your customers? Or create a “nutrition” range based on our innovations?

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