Strawberry jam: an untouchable must-have or a source of inspiration?

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May 2022


The strawberry jam is an unavoidable recipe in the jam grocery stores. Favorite jam of the French, it is also widely acclaimed internationally for its sweetness. 


Your customers can taste it on a waffle, a pancake, a toast for breakfast, a cake for dessert in a restaurant (pana cotta with 4 red fruits jam…) but also in a cottage cheese to enjoy its flavors!
Clearly, it is popular in culinary gastronomy!


For a jam maker, it is important to make a good classic strawberry jam, as well as to stand out by working this fruit in an original way. Not so simple?

Discover in this article how Maison Andresy makes its strawberry jam and how this untouchable recipe has become a source of inspiration!

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Why is the strawberry jam recipe so popular? 



Recognizable by all, strawberry jam is appreciated for :
– Its appetizing red color and synonymous with greed, pleasure
– Its texture reserving surprises and an alternation between the crunch and the juice

That is why the strawberry jam is widely appreciated by different publics:
– Children as well as adults: strawberry is one of the most appreciated fruits at any age
– The French by habit: the strawberry jam is one of the oldest ever made. There are written traces of it as early as the 16th century.
– International customers: we often forget that we do not all have the same terroirs and therefore access to the same fruits. What better way to bring France to you than with a French culinary specialty?

Strawberry jam was already widely appreciated in the Middle Ages, as it allows the preservation of this fragile fruit over time. Today, your customers can enjoy strawberries all year round.

Strawberry jam is one of life’s little pleasures!

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How does Maison Andresy make its strawberry jam?


Maison Andresy cooks all its jams in copper basins. Renowned for their ideal cooking of jams, we have been using them since 1952, as they have proven their superiority over any other material. 


Why use this tool?
– Copper is known to be an excellent conductor of heat ; it distributes the heat evenly.

– At Maison Andresy, we add a gentle steaming process to it, for a heat that respects the strawberries and is evenly distributed throughout the pan.

– Copper is also known for its anti-bacterial qualities : added to a sugar confisage, everything is combined for a natural conservation of quality.


Certified Living Heritage Company by the French Ministry of Agriculture, because we maintain the traditional French know-how, Maison Andresy is recognized for its traditional artisanal jam strawberry production and also for all its other jams!


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Strawberry jam : a source of inspiration ? 

Strawberry jam, by its specificities, has inspired Maison Andresy many times.


First of all, the selection of strawberries must be rigorous and meticulous.
Maison Andresy has discovered that :
– Depending on the varieties of strawberries selected, a strawberry jam production differs from one to another. Did you know that each year Maison Andresy produces between 10 and 20 different strawberry jam recipes?
– Strawberries require constant vigilance during the production of the jam: from the reception of the fruits to the entry in the vat, the fragile strawberry can be completely different. That is why all our teams have been trained by our quality and R&D department in this vigilance of the fruit (not only for the strawberry)!


If you want to learn more about our demanding strawberry sourcing, read this article!


Maison Andresy has also discovered that combining strawberries with other fruits makes strawberry jam even more original!
At Maison Andresy we combine strawberries with :
– the fruity taste of yuzu juice,
– the sunny sweetness of the clementine
– the acidic touch of rhubarb
– the greediness of the Tonka bean and its small caramelized notes


Maison Andresy strawberry jam will stand out on your breakfast tables and on your shelves!

Strawberry jam is therefore an essential jam for your grocery stores and your tables. It is also a source of opportunities for you thanks to the expertise of Maison Andresy and its original recipes to be discovered by your customers!



Would you like to create an even more original strawberry jam recipe?

Challenge our teams!