For Halloween, have an original recipe for jam in a copper bowl made by Andrésy Confitures!

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October 2020

Halloween is approaching and like every year certain ingredients are in the spotlight for this very special holiday.

Pastry chefs, cooks and jam makers create Halloween recipes with all varieties of pumpkins and squash, emblematic fruits of the Halloween party across the Atlantic and now in France.

Orange fruits and vegetables are also the honor of this traditionally orange and black festival.

Andrésy Confitures is the French jam maker specializing in tailor-made jams, made specially on order, regularly creating event recipes, in one-shot: for a special occasion, an animation on a theme, or to meet a particular need.

So why not a Halloween recipe for Butternut Pineapple Orange copper pot jam?

Petits pots de confiture Andrésy origines

Why the Butternut squash for the Halloween recipe?

Butternut is a variety of squash that is planted after the spring frosts and is harvested from September to the end of October in France.

Soft and sweet, this peanut-shaped squash is very popular with cooks in soups, as an accompaniment to dishes such as a vegetable or in desserts.

Everything is consumed in Butternut: flowers, seeds and fruit, this famous elongated squash, raw or cooked.

What gourmet notes bring you the Butternut orange pineapple association of our Halloween jam?

Among Andrésy Confitures’s expertise in making tailor-made jams in copper cauldron, there is culinary creativity. Know how to choose the best ingredients for your jam project and create delicious taste combinations!

Butternut squash is sweet to the taste, with hints of butter and fresh hazelnut. Andrésy Confitures has chosen to combine it with ingredients that neither distort its organic orange color nor its delicate taste in a perfectly seasonal Halloween recipe!

Victoria pineapple and sweet orange bring fruity and tangy notes that add pep to the Butternut. Steaming this jam in a copper basin, in small quantities, allows gentle and uniform cooking, respecting the flavors of each ingredient.

Bassine de cuivre

Who is our Halloween copper cauldron jam recipe for?

If Halloween was not celebrated much in France at one time, it is no longer the case today because it enjoys a strong enthusiasm among consumers of all ages. The stores offer disguises, decorations, entertainment. Restaurants and delicatessen shops bring special Halloween recipes to the menu that are very popular in the fall.

The Halloween recipe for jam cooked in our copper basin is a real treat this fall season.

In shops, delicatessens, bakeries, cheese shops, it allows you to stimulate your sales and offer your customers an event recipe or a gourmet gift.

For breakfast in hotels or guest rooms, our Halloween jam cooked in a copper basin is a seasonal delight, with a pretty energizing orange color, perfect for offering the French tradition associated with a festive event. A little more French!

Do you want to offer a trendy and seasonal recipe with our Halloween copper bowl jam recipe to your customers?

Or have a jam recipe made to measure for you?

Ask for our available packaging and a quote adapted to your project

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