The trend Nutrition, Form and Health : major axis or ephemeral fashion phenomenon for your food ranges ?

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April 2020

For many of us, 2020 was the occasion to rediscover our capacity to innovate in order to maintain healthy habits despite the constraints linked to the health crisis.

Walking, running, home fitness, video sports coaching applications,… Many of us have adopted “fitness” routines.

When it comes to food, too, our relationship with food has changed: nutrition blogs on social networks, advice from chefs on cooking shows and even live shows, a return to local agriculture, etc.

The “health and fitness” consumption trend is becoming part of our daily lives.

But what about the future of these habits with scientists promising a return to a near normal life by midsummer?

Perhaps you are wondering if it will be ephemeral or permanently installed in your daily life? Should you adapt your routines to accommodate it or let the trend pass?

The Nutrition, Fitness and Health trend: what is the reality?

The consumer trends identified by specialists are rich in perspectives for the food world: pleasure, health, functionality and practicality, ethics and proximity (source: Kantar study delivered at SIAL INSIGHT)

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The trends named “pleasure” and “health” respond to consumer expectations regarding production methods, food safety and traceability, and a need to rediscover a more authentic relationship with producers.

Consumers are increasingly paying close attention to ingredients.

They want simple, understandable ingredient lists that are as short as possible. They are looking for healthy recipes, with natural foods, guaranteed if possible by labels: so-called “healthy” products.

Within this “healthy” trend, we find the following nutrition axes

  • ORGANIC: the organic label has become a guarantee of a product cultivated in a healthy way for animals and nature, and therefore for the human being at the end of the food chain
  • Working with reduced, natural ingredients, giving preference to plants when possible, without additives, without GMO
  • To propose vegan recipes
  • Banning ingredients that are harmful to health or reducing their quantities

Did you know that consumers are paying more and more attention to the nutri-score displayed on packaging or indicated via smartphone applications?

According to a Nielsen study: “Products with better nutritional values (‘A’ and ‘B’) are proving to be more dynamic than others over the last year: the turnover of food products typified ‘A’ and ‘B’ is up (respectively +1.1% and +0.8%) while the total of ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ products is down (only ‘E’ are resisting).

Which consumption moments focus on nutrition?

Nutrition is a concern in many consumption moments, throughout the day.

Do you know which consumption moments can be used to highlight the nutrition trend?

  • At home: meals, snacks, home deliveries or home-made
  • At the workplace: restaurants, cafés, brasseries, snacks taken directly at the office
  • On the road: hotels, B&Bs, rentals, campgrounds, rail, air or sea catering,
  • In the street: food trucks, stores

It is true that the number of places where food is consumed has decreased over the last year. However, in spite of the sedentary nature of telecommuting and the psychological stress of the period, food remains an easily accessible pleasure.

We look for healthy products for every occasion, whether we are passionate about cooking or have ready-made meals delivered!

Diet jam recipes in line with nutrition principles: intoxication or real innovation?

Even if you are convinced that the nutrition trend is a strong and durable major, you certainly say to yourself that your jam range is not concerned.

A priori a jam is not a “healthy” recipe.

Are you so sure?

The ingredients of the jam correspond however to many criteria of the nutritional expectations of your customers:

  • they are natural: no additives, no coloring, no preservatives are allowed by law
  • the list is simple and short, easy to understand: fruits and sugar, sometimes dried fruits or spices
  • only vegetable ingredients

Do you still have an objection about the presence of sugars?

Indeed “jam” is the name derived from the verb: to candy. This implies that the fruit is preserved by sugar and therefore the presence of this ingredient is unavoidable: fruit sugars and added sugar.

Who else than one of the oldest jam makers in France, expert in tailor-made and innovative recipes since 1952, could offer you a dietetic jam or nutritional jam?

How does Andrésy Confitures create recipes of jams and spreads based on nutrition?

You must thus wonder if it is possible to cook jams without sugar?

The French legislation imposes a rate of sugars after cooking (sugars of fruits + added sugar) minimum. Also called brix, it must be 55% or more for the recipe to be officially called “jam”.

Moreover, fruits naturally contain sugar, linked to their gustatory maturity and the sun received during their development.

It is therefore impossible to do without sugar to make jam!

So how can you create a recipe for a diet jam – and even a whole range – to satisfy your consumers in search of more nutrition?

To create a range of recipes centered ” form and health ” is a challenge that the R&D team of Andrésy Confitures takes up since 2 years already.

The tracks of work were numerous and finally 2 axes were retained for their gustatory and nutritional results:

  • To test innovative ingredients – or new for a jam maker
  • To adapt recipes to improve the nutri-scores
Fermeture du pot de confiture

Which innovative axes can you choose at Andrésy Confitures for your recipes of jams and spreads focused on nutrition?

For a few years, Andrésy Confitures and its teams have tested the new natural ingredients which appear in food and which propose more dietetic alternatives:

  • Alternative ingredients to traditional sugars: date juice, stevia, coconut sugar, birch sugar
  • Superfoods: almond milk, quinoa, goji, aloe vera, matcha tea, etc.
  • Vegetable fibers

Thanks to the testing of these ingredients and the adaptations of our recipes, we have even managed to elaborate complete ranges with very satisfactory nutritional values and which remain excellent!

We are not the experts in the creation of custom-made jams for nothing!

If you are looking for recipes that meet the nutritional trend for your jam range, here is our know-how:

  • 100% fruit-based recipes with no added sucrose : the “100% fruit-based” custom-made range created by Andrésy Confitures for an international request and now available for your own range

– recipes based on vegetable fibers – for an amazing nutri-score! To know more, contact us

Even if the nutrition and “healthy” axis remains a challenge when we talk about jams, it is important for us to always make our expertise evolve. We wish to accompany as well as possible the evolutions of the expectations of the consumers and thus of your ranges of customized jams!

You want to create a range of jams or spreads based on the nutrition trend ?

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