Why create an Advent calendar with mini artisanal jams? Discover Andrésy Confitures’s gourmet Christmas calendar

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September 2020

Mini jams in an Advent calendar : how Andrésy Confitures places gluttony at the heart of your home !

Religious images then small molded chocolates, famous buildable toys and in recent years : creative hobbies, magic tricks and even beers … Advent calendars have become a staple of family holiday consumption.

Why is Andrésy Confitures in turn embarking on this special event offer and what will our Christmas calendar bring you?

The Advent calendar : why has this tradition become essential ?

Traditionally, the Advent calendar arose from Christian religious tradition. It was used to animate the religious period before Christmas by giving one pious image per day to the children.

Little by little, the religious tool has become a source of little surprises to be discovered every day, always intended for children.

It made sense for candy and toy brands to take the concept of the Christmas calendar and democratize it on a large scale.

Isn’t the pre-holiday season conducive to the delightful amazement of children at their surprise of the day ?

In recent years, many sectors have taken this opportunity to showcase their products in a fun way.

The food industry is not to be outdone : from the small tea bag to the 24 bottles of beers to discover, the choice is varied!

Christmas marmalade and jam avent calendar by Andresy Confitures

The Christmas calendar : why is it essential for your customers ?

The holiday season is a time for impulse, frivolous purchases and for sharing the products you love with gifts.

Advent calendars are no longer just for kids and children’s stores but allow brands to target teens and adults as well.

The kids of a few years ago who loved Christmas calendars have grown up but haven’t given up on their little daily surprises !

With Food Advent Calendars, you meet different needs for you and your customers :

an impulse purchase, for oneself or as a gift

  • A pleasure and gourmet gift
  • a fun way to discover different products or recipes
  • an additional sales event before the holidays and outside of Christmas gifts
Avent calendar with 24 jam recipes by Andresy Confitures

Mini jams and Advent calendar by Andrésy Confitures : your gourmet benefits

This year, for the first time, you will be able to offer your customers the Advent Calendar of our artisanal jams.

It contains 24 mini-jars of traditional French jam.

For your customers, it has many attractions:

  • The discovery of 1 recipe per day
  • An opportunity to try out recipes they don’t usually consume
  • Future shopping ideas : when they’ll come back to buy the recipes they discovered in the Christmas calendar
  • Make breakfast a convivial family moment around good sensations : discovery, gluttony, event
  • And why not : take the opportunity for some touring home French breakfast withbread, butter, and jam !

Want to order the Advent Calendar of our artisanal jams ?

Or need  to get all the packaging, pricing and availability information?

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