Why is onion confit indispensable for the end of year festivities ?

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November 2020

Do you know which confit recipes are sought after by consumers for the end of the year ?

The confits are specialities of sweet fruits or vegetables candied with sugar and sometimes with vinegar. The recipes for confits are multiple as well as their uses by consumers. You can also call them « chutneys ».

Onion confit, fig confit, wine confits are traditionally used as condiments or ingredients in recipes.

As a condiment, the confits and chutneys accompany our everyday dishes by bringing a sweet note that enhances and softens the marked taste of certain meats or cheeses of character :

  • with poultry such as guinea fowl or quails.
  • With pork roasts or duck breast
  • With Brie de Meaux, a fresh goat’s cheese and a sheep’s cheese.

With festive dishes, confits are a must because they enhance the taste:

  • Onion confit for foie gras or Sauternes wine or Port wine confit.
  • Fig confit with a duck breast or a goat’s cheese
  • Confit of Champagne with a cheese platter, so frenchy!

Of course the confits can be used as ingredients in your recipes : a savoury pie or quiche base, an original sweet and savoury salad sauce, a cheese or meat puff pastry, etc…

confit et foie gras

The onion confit: a must for your customers, a must for your stores and restaurants!

Since your customers consume onion confit for the holidays as well as other traditional chutneys recipes, it seems indispensable that you can offer them all these recipes in your stores!

Your customers buy their onion confit or other confit recipes in local stores of course : delicatessens, butcher’s stores, delicatessens, cheese shops, and even wine shops!

They also like to taste onion confits or other confits at their favorite eating places, as an accompaniment to their dishes: bistros, gourmet restaurants, evening meals in wine bars or wine merchants. Remember to buy some to offer them some!

Obviously, e-commerce is developing and in your e-shops you can reference onion confit, fig confit, wine confit and other recipes. In small 46g packaging or in “grocery store” format, the confits are very popular during the festive season.

The small assortments of different candied recipes are also very appreciated. This is why Andrésy Confitures has created recipes for Christmas like this beautiful box of 3 confits in 46g : onion confit, cider confit and fig confit. For all tastes!

How is the production of onion confit carried out at your producer Andrésy Confitures?

Do you know how to make onion confit? Which onions to choose to make an onion confit? Or which spices to use for an onion confit?

At Andrésy Confitures we first chose sweet onions browned in olive oil. No good dish without excellent ingredients!

We confit them in our copper cauldrons, gently, steamed, to preserve the authentic taste of our onions.

We use cane sugar and quality wine vinegar to confit our onions. These quality ingredients allow us to respect a perfect balance of flavors.

We do not add any spices other than salt and pepper, in order to respect the sweet and delicate taste of our onions.

When our onion confit is cooked, we pack it in 45ml jars or in large grocery-sized jars.

Whether your customers use our onion confit for their foie gras or as an ingredient in one of their dishes, they will always have a quality confit recipe in the right quantity!

Confit recipes by andresy confitures

Fig confit for foie gras, Porto confit, etc: what other chutneys recipes will you need for the holidays ?

We pay as much attention to our onion chutney as to our other chutney recipes. We make many confit recipes for our ranges or for original creations for our customers chefs and restaurant owners, big brands..:

  • purple fig confit,
  • mango confit,
  • tomato confit,
  • cider confit,
  • candied beer,
  • candied port,
  • Champagne Confit
  • Ginger confit,
  • etc

We work with traditional or original candied recipes to satisfy all your customers’ tastes. It is important for you to have the candied recipes that your customers are looking for ? Entrust us with your projects!

You wish to propose an onion confit or original confit recipes to meet the needs of your customers for the holidays?

We sell our confit recipes in a format adapted to local stores, e-commerce, tasting in gourmet restaurants or bistronomic, ….

Ask for our catalogs and prices!

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