Discover how your artisanal jam manufacturer makes your life easier with ALKÉMICS by providing 100% transparency on its products !

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October 2021

For several years, we know that French consumers are looking for more and more transparency in the labels and in the products they buy. They need to know where the products come from, which ones are the healthiest – what is in the composition? – if they are really good for the health, if they are certified organic products…

These research criteria that are becoming more and more present have been reinforced with the Covid-19 pandemic that has reinforce the need of consumers to know more about the products they buy. Labels and package information are no longer enough to satisfy today’s consumers.

This is where your artisanal jam maker decides to work with ALKÉMICS to make your life easier and meet your consumers’ need for transparency !

Do you know ALKÉMICS and what it consists of? Anthony Bernardon, CIO at your artisanal jam manufacturer explains how it works and how it is useful for you and your consumers

ALKÉMICS is a platform that allows you to gather photos, data from producers and their recipes to share them on all possible channels.

Founded in 2011, it is open to all brands :

  • national brand products
  • private labels

“The only constraint is that each piece of information must be filled in by the brand and by the owner : this is their responsibility,” explains Anthony Bernardon

He adds that ALKÉMICS offers the possibility of providing all the necessary information at once and then giving access to the wholesalers or distributors listed. Please note that the data is not public : the professional trader who wants to access it must first contact the manufacturer so that he can give him access.

Most of the hotel wholesalers or retailers use ALKÉMICS. Indeed, they have more than 20,000 brands and a hundred or so partners worldwide, including Transgourmet, METRO, Promocash, Amazon, Distriboissons, France Boissons, France Frais, Showroomprivé, Uber Eats and YUKA.

You can find on the ALKÉMICS website an OpinionWay study on the transparency of food products from the point of view of the French : click here.

What is the interest of collaborating with ALKÉMICS for your artisanal jam manufacturer and for you, hoteliers and local businesses ?

The services offered by ALKÉMICS allow you to link the information of the products in the catalog of your artisanal jam manufacturer as an online technical catalog or to feed your own repository. You thus have :

  • more transparency and traceability
  • precise data
  • generalized modifications, in real time
  • Crucial data always up to date

What product information will you find about your jam maker ?

  • General sales conditions
  • product information
  • everything to perform a set up on your catalog and finalize a listing

The platform also recovers data on :

  • traceability
  • allergens
  • the nutriscore
  • ingredients
  • but also on international standards

As for the specific requests of a partner, it is also possible to inform them and the information will only be sent to them.

Security guarantee for your consumers : in order to ensure this transparency and to make the procedure equal for all, it is not possible to deviate from these requests. The referencing is blocked in the event that information is missing.

We also expect a future evolution of the ALKÉMICS platform to include 3/4 photos, backgrounds and what is called “photo facing”.

Etiquetage pot de confiture

What advantages does your artisanal jam manufacturer bring to your consumers by working with ALKÉMICS ?

You have understood, for you, this work of your jam maker with ALKÉMICS brings you : transparency, simplicity, speed and efficiency. For your consumers too there are advantages : the main one being access to data in real time.

Your consumers are assured of finding reliable information with ease. For example, if the nutritional information is filled in, the products, relied to the YUKA application for analysis, will show up in the consumer’s search.

Your consumers are reassured since the information comes from the manufacturer in person.

At Andrésy Confitures, we are happy to work with ALKÉMICS in order to facilitate your life and to propose you services in more : as a manufacturer of artisanal jam, they are values which resemble us and which we wish to transmit to you.

If you like our approach and our offers, you can order the products:

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